A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away friends and strangers put money and/or bragging rights on the line. Wars between forces good and evil fought by Stars of the National Football League. Emperor Goodell has suspended Tom Brady 4 games for deflated Death Stars. Whether or not the force is strong with your squad, feel like a Jedi with names from Theme My Team.

As Yoda once said,

Fear of having a bad fantasy football team name is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger over having a bad team name. Anger leads to hating fantasy football. Hate leads to suffering a bad fantasy football season.

Make the rest of your league tell you who their father is.


KyLong Ren

Jarvis Jarvis Binks

ODB Kenobi


Delanie Skywalker

Von Solo

Princess Lotuleleia

Captain Phasmunnerlyn

Mace Winston

Darth Mallett

Padme Amendola

Qui-Gon Ginn

Grand Goff Tarkin

Count Duuku Johnson Jr.

Dez Kanata

The Forsett Awakens

Ha Ha the Hutt

Boba Fitz



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