It was all a dream, I used to think what to name my team. Are you surrounded by Sucker M.C.’s, stuck in Thrift Shop kicks, dreaming of Air Force Ones? Choose one of Theme My Team’s Rapper team names and you’ll be doing pretty good as far as geniuses go. It’s time to stand up like the real Slim Shady and say you’ve got 99 problems but a team name ain’t one.


The Notorreyus SMITH

Charles D

Snoop Douggy Dougg

T.Y.clef Jean

Big Boikin

Gostkowskiface Killah

Charcandrick Lamar,

Lil Dwayne

Method Manning

LL Cool Jameis


DeAngelo Will.i.ams

Bone Suggs-n-Harmony

LudaChris Ivory

Juicy J Cutler

Khalil Macklemore



Inspectah Decker

Slim Shady McCoy

Drake Bortles

Dr. DeAndre / DeAndre 3000

50 Vincent Jackson

Puff Thaddeus

Gould Dirty Bastard

Vance the Rapper

Chip Nelly

Slick Fitzpatrick

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