When George Orwell wrote 1984, he foresaw a future with fantasy football. Pages of players, all the way to the aughts and beyond, mashed up classic novels throughout the decades to form timeless fantasy football team names. Unfortunately, his editors were not as amused and they never made it to print. Theme My Team has channeled the spirit of Orwell to bring those names to you. However, he completely nailed the aspect of Big Brother. Roger Goodell is watching you. Beware.

Jameis and the Giant Peach

Dr. Jekyll & Carlos Hyde

The Gates Gatsby

Alshon in Wonderland

Nineteen-Eighty Forte

To Kill a Gronking Bird

Huckleberry Ginn


Tale of 2 CiT.Y.s

Don Haloti

Langford of the Flies

AniMaualuga Farm

On the Roadell Beckham

Lord of the Ringrams

Frankenstein Gore

Charcandrick’s Web

Pryor and Prejudice

Coby Dick

DracuLeSean McCoy

Braverman New World

The Scarlett Malletter

FarenWhite 451

Olsense and Sensibility

Allen Robinson Crusoe

The Adventures of Tom Hoyer

The Peterson Also Rises

Slaughter-house Clive

Treasure Islandry

Mansfield Parker

Goff Mice and Men

The Illustrated Manning

For Whom the Bell Tolbert

The Secret Garcon

Charles and the Chocolate Factory

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