Are you a New Kid on the Block with a team name that makes you look like a Wannabe? Don’t just sit there Counting Crows! Go from Boyz to Men with one of our Red Hot 90s Band team names. Pretty soon you’ll be Smashing Pumpkins, looking better than a Barenaked Lady.

Spice Gurleys


98 DeBrees

Ace of Case

Pearl Jamaal

Winston Temple Pilots

Alshon in Chains

A.J. Green Day

Blind Melvin

Red Hot Julius Peppers

Nine Inch Kniles

Goo Goo Rawles

Counting Crowells

Matchbox TwenT.Y.


Ginn Blossoms

The Camberries

Blaine’s Addiction

Jordan Creed

Third Eli Blind


Smashing Hopkins

BackStreater Boys

The Goffspring


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